Our Clients

A2Z is a turnkey resource for all aspects of default property management for loan servicers, real estate auctioneers, government agencies and real estate investment companies throughout the nation. We provide our clients with critical information regarding their property's condition & value and work to secure & protect vacant properties throughout default, foreclosure and conveyance. We monitor property condition utilizing inspection results and information from our contractors as well as through our partnerships with cities across the nation. Through our innovative technology, comprehensive quality control processes and partnerships with our national network of field vendors, A2Z is able to deliver quality turn-key Property Inspection & Preservation solutions.

A2Z has earned our reputation for helping clients improve their ability to service loans and care for their properties by providing prompt and accurate information while having an unparalleled dedication to customer service. The integration of quality control processes, training and technology ensures the efficient, effective and on-time delivery of our services and allows our clients to enjoy customized services and reporting. Through continuous training of internal staff and contractors, A2Z ensures that all work performed meets our clients' service expectations and time frames and in the most cost-effective manner.

A2Z is dedicated to assisting our clients identify and reduce risk. Through the consistent delivery of fundamental information and services, we enhance our clients' ability to service their loans and care for their properties. Prompt site visits and accurate information help tighten timelines and reduce exposure.

Our Clients Include:

National Loan Origination/Servicing Companies

A2Z works closely with various loan origination companies by providing a variety of borrower contact services, including borrower interviews, repossession inspections and detailed interior/exterior reports of the repossessed property. We are able to tailor our services to meet any client's needs.

National Real Estate Auctioneers

A2Z assists with preserving a home's current condition throughout the auction process. Therefore, A2Z provides various auction companies with preservation services including marketing photographs and detailed interior & exterior condition reports. These reports allow the auctioneers to determine opening bids and establish projected selling prices.

Government Agencies

A2Z works closely with many government agencies to ensure their initiatives are being met. Currently, A2Z supplies REO Management, inspection, preservation and quality control services to our government clients nationwide.

Real Estate Investment Companies

A2Z provides preservation services including property securing, interior & exterior debris removal, ongoing lawn maintenance, addressing safety hazard issues and general interior cleaning services. A2Z's main goal is to ensure the property is left in marketable condition.

A2Z Field Services brings value to our clients' initiatives through our proven work processes, a dedicated workforce and diverse capabilities. We understand that our business will grow stronger from the collective knowledge of our staff and field partners and that is why we place such a strong emphasis on continuous team building, training, education and technology. The organizations that partner with A2Z benefit from our expertise, intensive training programs, technology and our alliance with vendors and business partners throughout the nation.