Frequently Asked Questions


How much does A2Z Field Services charge for its services?

Our fee schedule varies by service offering. Please call Tony D'Aurelio at 800.713.2001 ext 7250 to discuss your specific servicing needs.

How do I request work to be performed by A2Z?

A2Z will accept work requests via email to or online through our secure client website with your user id and password. Additionally, as volume dictates, we are able to integrate with your servicing platform to completely automate work requests.

How will I receive my reports once the completed inspection and/or preservation work is complete?

A2Z utilizes the most state of the art technologies to maintain accurate reporting to you. We consistently work to ensure reporting methods and procedures are compatible with your systems and needs. Typically, we will send you an email notifying you that the requested work is complete. At your convenience, you can login to our secured website and view the completed inspection report and accompanying photos.

What information do you provide after completing an inspection or preservation work?

A2Z provides detailed reports customized to each type of inspection and pictures to support all services provided.

Does A2Z customize reports for your clients?

Yes. A2Z can customize its procedures and reports to provide you with the exact information that you need.

What is A2Z’s coverage area?

A2Z has a nationwide network of over 3,500 field contractors that perform inspection, preservation and borrower contact services.

What is A2Z’s average turn-time for inspections?

A2Z’s deadlines vary by service and can be customized to satisfy your needs. Securing services are typically performed within 48-72 hours. Standard inspections and preservation services are completed within an average of 7 calendar days. If an order will be delayed for any reason, you will be notified by our Client Support Department of the reason and when you can expect the work to be complete.

If I have multiple orders, can I order more than 1 job at a time?

Yes. A2Z will accept your bulk orders via spreadsheet. Please contact Client Support for assistance.

How do I receive and pay invoices for work completed?

A2Z offers online invoicing. You can print your invoices from the Accounts Payable screen or the Results & Status screen. For clients who prefer to be billed weekly, we offer other methods of invoicing for your convenience. If you are interested in alternate billing methods, please contact our accounts receivable department for more information.

When are my invoices due?

All invoices are due upon receipt and must be paid in no more than 30 days from invoice date. Please contact for questions or concerns.

What if I am having trouble viewing or ordering an account or invoice?

If you are experiencing difficulty with our website please call 614-873-0211 or email for assistance.