Frequently Asked Questions

Field Vendors

How do I get signed up with A2Z Field Services as a Field Inspector?

New Contractor Forms can be downloaded from the "Become a Vendor" icon on the right tool bar by submitting your name, contact number, email, services you are interested in performing and your coverage area. Once you have submitted your request, you can download the required forms and upload them online or submit via email to

What insurance must I carry in order to work with A2Z Field Services?

A2Z Field Services requires that all field inspectors and property preservation sub-contractors have Commercial General Liability insurance, Errors Omissions insurance and Workers Compensation coverage when applicable.

Do I need to perform inspection, borrower contact and preservation services to work with A2Z Field Services?

No. It is not necessary to perform all types of services. However, the more services you are able to provide will increase your opportunities for assignments.

What tools are required for an A2Z Field Services inspector?

At a minimum, you must have a digital camera, personal computer, internet access, an email account, reliable transportation and a cell phone.

How do I receive work orders and obtain the necessary forms to complete assignments?

Currently, A2Z sends an email alert for any new work assignments. You are instructed to login to our website using your username and password to view then accept or decline each order. It is required that you accept or decline your new assignments with 6 to 12 hours, depending on the service type. Form requirements are listed on every work order. Most often, all forms are also attached to your work order for convenience. Your A2Z homepage also contains a variety of links to areas such as the Forms Library where you can retrieve any necessary forms not included in your work order.

How does A2Z Field Services assign work orders?

Work is awarded based on vendor grades, territory and your ability to perform the services required. A2Z grades its contractors and requires them to meet minimum standards in order to continue receiving additional work.

What are A2Z’s average turn-time requirements?

Deadlines vary by service. The due date for each assignment is published on the work order. Typical turntimes are 48 hours for securing services, 72 hours for QC work and 5 days for other inspection & preservation services.

How do I submit my completed results of a work order to A2Z Field Services?

You are required to submit all photos & completed reports by uploading to our website using your secure login through the Vendor Login on the right tool bar. In some cases, you will be required to complete an online form. If you are having trouble uploading please contact our Vendor Management team at 800-713-2001.

What are A2Z’s commission rates?

The commissions vary by service and are published on each work order.

How is my performance measured at A2Z Field Services?

A2Z uses an eight (8) point system for evaluating the performance of each of our Field Reps. The scores are captured over 60 and 180 day periods to determine their overall 5-Star Rating. The overall rating is based on a weighted average of these 8 criteria:

  • Completions – number of work orders a rep has completed for A2Z Field Services.
  • Turn Time – the average time from when the work is assigned to the rep until their completed work is submitted back to A2Z.
  • Response Time – the average time it takes the rep to acknowledge work assignments.
  • Issue Accounts – the number of incomplete work orders that are submitted to A2Z.
  • QC Accounts – the number of work orders where the rep must be re-dispatched to correct a quality issue.
  • Reassigned – the number of work orders that need to be reassigned to someone else because a rep fails to complete the accepted work order.
  • Processing Grade – average grade of the rep’s deliverables based on a weighted nineteen (19) element questionnaire that is completed by A2Z’s Processing team on every work order before invoicing.
  • On Time – the percentage of work orders the rep completes by their assigned due date.

Performance results are published on a bi-monthly basis recognizing our top performers in our field vendor newsletter. When appropriate, we’ll advise you on ways to improve your performance metrics with us.

Who is my contact at A2Z Field Services?

A2Z utilizes Vendor Coordinators who are responsible for specific territories based on the A2Z client. If you are unsure who to contact with regards to a specific work order, call 800.713.2001 and ask for anyone in the vendor management department. For general questions, please email

When will I be paid?

Checks will include commission for all services invoiced the week ending three weeks prior. Checks are mailed by the end of business every Thursday. You may experience periodic delays in your postal delivery due to holidays or weather. If there is unexpected delay, please email the accounting department at

What if the amount of my commission is wrong?

If you expected payment for an amount other than what you received, please call to discuss it with your Vendor Coordinator. If it is determined that your pay should be altered, you will receive an adjustment notification with your next check.

How do I know what services my check is for?

Your commission schedule will show in detail what services you are being paid for each check. Your commission schedule can be accessed after logging into your vendor account via A2Z's website. You will need to click on Commission Schedule in the Quick Links section on the right hand side to access your commission summaries.

I have submitted my photos & forms online, when will my job be invoiced?

This will vary based on client due date and job type. Generally work is audited and invoiced within 24 hours of receipt.