Our Services

Services Overview

A2Z is dedicated to assisting our clients identify and reduce risk. Through the consistent delivery of fundamental information and services, we enhance our clients’ ability to service their loans and care for their properties. We offer a full spectrum of inspection, preservation, REO, rehab & repair, rental property management, administrative, borrower contact and eviction services.

We are capable of providing a range of quality services tailored to your needs to include individual, ala carte services or bundled services and complete REO Management. Our Business Management Department will work with our Sales Department and IT to oversee the process of your account set up to ensure that your needs are being met with the services and reporting methods that are prescribed. All services, service expectations, forms, reports and delivery methods are laid out and carefully reviewed to ensure that your account is set up to most effectively meet your needs.

Based on your requirements, new service types can be added or existing service instructions modified to best accomplish your goals. Accordingly, new or modified forms, work order instructions and training videos are created and reviewed. In addition, Field Vendor Manuals and Exams are updated to appropriately communicate any new job types and service expectations to our field vendors.

Work order submission and delivery requirements are also defined during this process to ensure the most efficient & timely exchange of information between A2Z & our client. Standard methods of work order submission include providing our client with online access to order a single service at a time; web access to upload batch files that include multiple orders; and integration between our systems to provide a data portal through which A2Z can retrieve property information for each service as it is ordered by the account manager. Similarly, common delivery methods include an email notification that work can be viewed from A2Z’s vendor website using the account manager’s secure login and password; email containing photos and completed forms; and data integration/automation that can include populating our client’s servicing system with the results of our inspections.