Leadership Team

Meet the leaders behind A2Z Field Services.
We are a team of seasoned industry professionals committed to providing a high-quality customer experience. With a focus on process improvement and technology, we work together to provide our clients with creative, flexible, and relevant solutions to their property management needs. Our team is equally committed to our employees, and together, we strive to promote a work environment that promotes community, family, and balance while ensuring that our mission is successful.

Amie Sparks
CEO & President

As the managing partner and CEO, Amie is responsible for A2Z’s growth strategies & initiatives and financial planning. In addition, Amie oversees core business operations which include resource & organizational planning, process improvement, sales & service development, and technology integration. Since joining A2Z in 2004, Amie’s leadership and pioneering initiatives have been an integral part of A2Z’s growth. Amie received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business.

Justin Roos
Senior Operations Manager

Justin has been with A2Z since 2012 and worked in a variety of operational roles before being promoted to his current position where he is responsible for establishing and maintaining customer relationships, providing high-quality deliverables, monitoring client data, and ensuring all KPIs are met for select A2Z clients. In addition, Justin oversees Recruiting & Compliance Specialists on his Team, directing all recruiting, training, and compliance initiatives. Justin holds a bachelor’s degree in History from The Ohio State University.

Marc Orwick
Software Development Manager

Marc is responsible for the strategic planning of software development. He has been with A2Z since 2013 and before being promoted to his current position has also worked as the Database Administrator and a Software Developer. As a result, he has a thorough knowledge of all of A2Z's software solutions. Marc is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Allen Markarian

Allen has been with A2Z since 2011 and oversees the entire accounting operation including accounts receivable, accounts payable, financial statement preparation, budget preparation, and GAAP compliance. Allen has spent over 20 years in various accounting supervisory positions and operational management roles and has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Fresno State University.