Quality Control & Training

A2Z's quality control processes and training programs help to ensure properties are protected in a manner that preserves properties and communities alike, and that the exchange of information between A2Z, our clients, and our vendors is professional and timely. By making quality and service our top priorities, we consistently exceed the expectations of our clients as well as members of the communities that we serve.


Quality Control

A2Z's QC program and internal review process help to ensure that work orders are being completed accurately and that the exchange of information between vendors, A2Z and our clients is efficient and timely. As results are submitted, form data and that photos are run through a system of checks using business rules & systems validations to verify the information received and ensure the quality and integrity of each photo. Team members located in our Corporate office subsequently review orders to ensure that all work has been completed in accordance with the appropriate guidelines and photos support reported findings. In addition to this internal review process, inspectors conduct field audits on all work meeting certain criteria and complexity. This multi-tiered audit routine allows A2Z to ensure that work is completed to appropriate standards and allows us to quickly identify and mitigate potential issues.

Training & Development

Placing an emphasis on the results we expect to see helps A2Z to connect training and development activities to the performance of our employees and vendors. Our training is extensive and provides new employees and vendors with a variety of industry and company-specific materials that outline their responsibilities, A2Z performance standards, and industry guidelines. In addition to our initial training, A2Z supports the growth and continuous learning of our employees and vendors with regular workshops and training classes. Online tools such as on-demand training videos, industry best practice guidelines, and detailed work order instructions are also always available and serve to provide additional direction to assist both associates and vendors in visualizing and applying approved methods and guidelines. Ongoing work reviews and individual feedback also helps to ensure that our performance is consistently meeting the expected standards.