A2Z’s work order management system, Compass, in conjunction with our mobile application, Field Compass, helps to ensure optimum order placement, acceptance, and timely and accurate completion. Our proprietary systems provide our vendors with an efficient platform to manage their work assignments and allows A2Z to deliver real-time results to our clients, ensuring that timelines are met and potential issues are quickly mitigated.


A2Z Compass

A2Z’s internally-developed web-based application automatically assigns new orders based on business rules and analytics. From Compass, outstanding work orders are also monitored while in the field from internal queues to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information about each assignment. As orders are submitted back to A2Z, form data is run through a series of validations to verify the accuracy of information, and photos are analyzed to ensure their quality and integrity. Additionally, property data is collected and updated as the status changes and additional work is completed so that A2Z can efficiently manage necessary timelines, allowable thresholds, and recurring services.

In addition to its internal functionality, Compass provides both a vendor and client portal. With 24/7/365 access through our secure, encrypted web portal, Compass allows our vendors to retrieve new work orders, view property & work order information, upload completed results, and access A2Z training materials. Additionally, Compass provides clients with full transparency and real-time results plus the ease and functionality needed to efficiently manage their portfolios, allowing them to not only see where every work order is in the process, but also review complete service history and comprehensive account information for every property.

Field Compass

A2Z utilizes a custom, internally-built mobile application called Field Compass that allows vendors to access Vendor Compass from their smartphones providing them with the tools they need to successfully manage their A2Z workload from the field. In addition to basic job retrieval, review, and completion, our mobile application provides vendors with the added benefit of GPS location verification and enables them to check in at each property using our integration with Aspen Grove. Photos taken through the mobile application are automatically stamped with the date, time, and GPS location data that are all tamperproof, and facilitate the validations that are routinely performed upon work order completion and upload through A2Z Vendor Compass. With full integration to all smart mobile devices, Field Compass provides A2Z and our client's real-time updates and property information.

Field Compass Vendor Capabilities

Immediately respond to new work requests & update the status of pending orders

View job & client-specific instructions, forms & training materials on demand

Verify GPS data to ensure location accuracy

Check in at properties using integration with Aspen Grove

Upload results & photos to provide real-time information for all completed assignments